Music Theory Staff Paper

Hear what you write. Write what you hear.

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Malia Jade, Creator, Music Theory Staff Paper™ 

The world is a better place because we study music. Chords, scales, rhythm, and meter, together become melodies, harmonies, accompaniment, songs, and symphonies. Great art begins with great skills. Music Theory Staff Paper™ is the tool you need in your music classes and lessons, to write songs, to plan rehearsals, to practice your notation, and be creative. Music Theory Staff Paper™ merges the musical staff, lined writing spaces, and a piano-keyboard layout. You will also appreciate having a Study Guide for reference that summarizes the fundamentals of music. 

Music Theory Staff Paper is the “note-taking” tool to help reinforce theory and notational skills in class and lessons.

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Tested on music theory students. Never on animals.

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